Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stable Elf

This was a really fun project - an elf who works in Santa's reindeer stable.  The most fun was the clothes. 

I made the body with the same fabric I was planning to use for the sleeves so I didn't have the make a blouse.

The jodpurs are dupioni silk with ultrasuede patches to reduce chafing when she rides!

Her vest is faux fur and in the back has two long tails - split to spill nicely over the reindeer's back - ending in gold bells.

And for the jeweled decoration, I finally found a good home for a treasured but broken Christmas pin that a friend gave me about 20 years ago.  It really feels good to be using it here.

Her hair is essentiall a cap I made of faux fur - the same faux fur I used to trim the Wayfarer's cloak.

Oh, and the buckles on her riding boots are salvaged from an old pair of shoes.

My favorite detail is the pearls I glued on the puffed part of the sleeves to echo the tiny pearls on the pin.  I think it's really elegant.  I've ordered two vintage red glass drops for her earrings from an Etsy shop that I like very much, Yummy Treasures.  Can't wait till they arrive!

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