Friday, January 11, 2013

Beginning Thistle

I'm beginning a new project.  Though I seem to do better with animal characters than human ones, I keep trying the humans.  After all, it's only through practice that I will improve.

This one is Thistle.  Her hair will be thistle down and her dress will be like an upside-down thistle flower with the bodice the green part and the skirt the purple part.

As I was working on the armature and had her right leg and arm finished I noticed how the addition of the felt helps sculpt the cloth body where I bring the strips from the arms and legs up over the edge of the body.  I'm using Kunin brand felt which I find to be a very nice quality.

I'm quite eager to begin on the clothing but am still waiting on the arrival of a lovely piece of lavendar dupioni silk that I ordered from eBay.  Sure hope it comes tomorrow....

1 comment:

  1. Hoi Kaaren ,
    word weer spannend ,ik heb vannacht babypop meisje
    ik ben heel benieuwt naar je thiste.
    lieve Groet Marja