Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Flock of Burdz

I just had to try paper clay and these are my initial results.  I call them "Burdz."  As you can tell from the photo, these are imaginary birds, and any resemblance to actual birds is purely coincidental!

I form each bird by simply shaping a ball of paper clay.  The birds are small enough - the bodies are about 1 1/2" high - that I haven't felt the need for a crumpled aluminum foil or Styrofoam core.  I add the eyes while the clay is wet.  The first one I made isn't in this photo because her eyes were too buggy.  After that, I was careful to press the glass beads that I use for the eyes well into the head.

I also press the legs in place while the clay is wet.  But this is just to make the placement hole.  After the bodies are dry I glue the legs into those holes.

The legs on the shorter birds are just twisted wire.  But for the taller birds I used tight coils of paper and glued the wire feet into the ends.

Most often I make the wing shapes out of two thicknesses of mixed media paper glued together with spray adhesive. 

It takes at least a day, and more likely two, for the clay to dry completely.  Then I'm ready to decorate.  I use acrylic matt medium to decoupage various paper bits on the body and wings.  Then I add the painting and glue the wings and any trim pieces in place. 

I think my favorite is the Goth bird.  But, actually, my favorite changes from day to day!


  1. Those are wonderful! I think my favorite is the one, second in on the right. The one between the goth bird and the bird in the lower right corner. I love the quizzical turn of its head. Love the colors too.

    Actually, they're all just so good.

  2. Thanks very much, Janet. I can't begin to tell you how fun they are to make!