Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Laurie Mika's class

At the end of May I went to a mixed media retreat in Irvine California and was fortunate to take Laurie Mika's class in polymer clay icons.  Before I went, I made these three dog heads from polymer clay, portraits of my beloved dogs Lucy, Rhudy, and Daisy, the last of whom passed away about four years ago.  I wanted to make a piece dedicated to them, and here it is.  The lettering for the dog on top, Lucy, says "canis felix," or "happy dog;"  the lettering by the middle dog, Rhudy, says "canis nobilis," or "noble dog;" and the lettering for the lower dog, Daisy, says "canis mirabilis," or "wondrous dog." My plan was to embed them in my piece.
It felt good to make something special in memory of these beloved and wonderful canine companions.  And thanks to Laurie Mika for guiding the way!

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