Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Sculpting Frenzy

Since I posted last I've been sculpting, sculpting, sculpting.  Part of it's because with my new larger kiln I don't like to fire it up unless I have a fair amount of stuff in it.  But the other part is simply that I've felt like sculpting.  And actually, I've made more pieces than these, so I'll have to post those others tomorrow.

One of my Etsy customers gave me the idea for the alligator.  And I have to say that even though I don't feel a lot of kinship with alligators, this one was a kick to make.  As I could have predicted, she came out cute.  My ultimate plan for her is that she'll have a necklace of shells and teeth and perhaps a feather head dress.

The little bear just looks goofy, but she's very content wrapped in her cloak adorned with blackberries.

And, continuing on the animal shaman theme, I made a rabbit.  I decorated her cloak by impressing it with violet leaves.  The end result is a bit unrecognizable as such, but the impressions make a nice pattern.  The clasp for the cloak is, of course, a violet.

I would say I'm making progress with ceramics because I now look forward to glazing my pieces whereas in the past glazing was a chore to be avoided.  Can't wait to see how these come out!

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