Sunday, June 29, 2014

My 2014 NIADA Application

I just sent in my Artists Application to NIADA, the National Institute of American Doll Artists.  The name is actually behind the times as the organization has many members from around the world, and the current president is from New Zealand.

I went to the convention last June.  It was their 50th anniversay and their convention was held a convenient drive from here, so I decided to go.  I applied at that time also, but was rejected.  The process was encouraging, though, with lots of helpful feedback.

The application requires photos and descriptions of four original dolls.  Actually, two of my entries were ensembles.  The duck above is from "Lady of the Lake,"  She, of course, is the lady of the lake, but also included in the ensemble are her faithful duck attendant and a passerby, Poor Beggar Frog.  The other ensemble is a duet, "Punk Meets Goth" which are two costumed chickens.  The other entries are a cat in "The Night Journey," and a fox in "Stargazer."

"Punk Meets Goth"

"Night Journey"
"Lady of the Lake"
If you'd like to see the rest of the photos of these pieces, check out my Picasa album here:

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