Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Rabbit Mom's Beautiful Under Garments

Mom has some pretty fancy underwear.  The first layer is a "onesie" with a flower design embroidered on the chest and crocheted trim around the panty legs.  Over that, she has a half slip.  The top of the half slip is a circle skirt and then there's a wide flounce at the bottom.  The circle skirt design on the upper portion eliminates bulk around the waist while the wide flounce adds "stick out" to support the dress that will come next. I've used new bleached muslin for these garments.  It's nice to sew with and is a nice light weight.  I don't wash it first because I like a little bit of "body" to the fabric while I'm sewing.
I use size 40 crochet cotton and a tiny steel needle for the crocheted trim.  It's difficult to handle such a small hook - especially keeping the thread loops from slipping off.  Nonetheless, I enjoy the crochet.
I made this rabbit's neck too long and her shoulders are quite sloped.  I plan to correct this look with the cut and style of the dress.

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