Monday, December 14, 2015

The Remaining Snowflake Rabbits

Three more - the final three, at least for now - snowflake rabbits.  I used the new crystalline glazes that I recently ordered for their robes.  But I must say that I'm somewhat disappointed.  The color chips on the website showed much more interesting results.  These glazes are rated for a range of temperatures and I fired these pieces at the low end of the temperature range.  So maybe I would have gotten better results if I had fired them hotter.  There's just so much to know about firing!

But on a more positive note, I only used two (rather than three) coats of the Ivory Belleek glaze for the white on the rabbits and the large snowflake and I think it worked out better.  The glaze didn't fill so much of the incised detail, leaving shadow to show the texture.  Lesson learned!

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