Monday, January 4, 2016

A Cat Clock

I'm starting a clock with a cat painted on  it.  I made the clock base from pine.  The large hole is for the clock "fit up" while the smaller hole going all the way through is to press the fit up out from the back to change the battery or re-set the time.  I got the clock fit up from

I painted the base blue and light cream.  The blue is actually a mix of two blues, one slightly turquoise.  I had puddles of both colors on the palette and moved randomly from one to the other when I reloaded my brush.  I outlined the cat and the hole for the clock with a float of a turquoise-green.

At that point, I did the liner work with metallic gold.  I really like Jo Sonja's Pale Gold and Rich Gold.  Those paints are acrylic gouache.

Then on to the cat.  As you can see, I based the fur with Yellow Ochre.  From there, I painted the eyes, then began on the fur, using tiny strokes.

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