Thursday, January 7, 2016

Evangeline's Outfit

I've finished Evangeline's dress and here she is holding her little toy rabbit.
As with all my animal doll clothes, this dress is completely hand-sewn.  It opens with a placket in the front down to her waistline.  There are two tucks on each side of the front of the bodice.  There is a small pocket on the right side.  The neck opening, sleeve ruffles, and pocket opening are edged with vintage pink baby ricrac.  The button is a small vintage pink plastic button in the shape of a little flower. 
I didn't originally intend for there to be a ruffle around the bottom, but I cut the dress pieces a bit too short, so corrected that problem with the ruffle.  I began to run a row of ricrac around the top of the ruffle, but I took it back off because I think it was too much.
As for the rabbit toy, I needle felted it over a cut-out of wool felt.  The ears are wool felt.  The eyes and nose are glass beads.  I used chalk to add a bit of color to her cheeks and the inner ears.  The final touch was a ribbon around her neck with a ribbon rose.

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