Monday, January 25, 2016

The Second Swallow Painting

Following the painting of the cliff swallow, I am now starting on the second of three swallow paintings, a barn swallow.  I forgot to take a photo after the initial painting session, but here he is after two sessions. The feet are always the hardest part!

I still have some work to do, especially in the background.  I need more contrast there to not make the bird look so much like a cut out.  And also I need to work on those feet and lighten the shadow under his left wing - it's so dark that it looks like a continuation of the dark blue on the back of his head.

I'm a little uncomfortable with setting him a tree.  Mostly I see these birds on telephone wires. I should have thought this through a bit more in the beginning - nothing new there!

I am really liking painting in oils...

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