Sunday, March 13, 2016

Starting a New Painting for the "Tea Suite"

As I may have mentioned before, I'm aiming for four painting with tea and animals as the theme.
This is the beginning of the second one - actually, it's the second one I'm working on, but will be the fourth in the eventual set - "Tea in the Hedge" (hedgehogs), "Tea in the Tree" (squirrels), "Underground Tea" (badgers), and "Tea with Thee" (this one!).

For my model, I'm using a photo from an Etsy listing for a teacup which I bought (with the photographer's permission, of course).  "Annie" is a beautiful cat who started life with a sad kitten story, but then was found by a family of angels and has lived happily ever since.  I am honored to paint her.

The teapot in the background is one that I've purchased on Etsy.  I'm going kind of "tea room" crazy!  But it's so fun collecting these beautiful bone china treasures.

Anyway, the plan is that the pink part is a pink damask tablecloth, and the green area will be lace curtains eventually.  Right now I'm just blocking in the basic colors.

This painting is oil on paper that is attached to a board with acrylic matt gel.  I did a careful drawing on the paper.  The perspective was a challenge!

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