Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A House For My Fairy Garden

My sister bought me a beautiful Parma violet, which is an outdoor sweet violet with a spreading growth pattern.  I imagined it as a centerpiece for a fairy garden and so was inspired to make a little fairy garden house - for the fairies who would soon be in residence, of course!
At first, I wanted to make it of small stones and mortar.  But I soon realized that I had absolutely no idea how to go about that - although I may try it at some future time - so decided on stoneware instead.  I am limited by the size of my tiny kiln, so my fairy house is tiny also, just 6" tall at the peak of the roof.
Here it is drying.  So far in my stoneware ventures I have resisted glazing.  And I wasn't going to glaze this either.  It would, in fact, be nice if moss would grow on it.  But now I'm thinking that a glazed roof might be a good idea to simulate tile.  So I have a couple of colors of mid-range glazes on order.  While I'm waiting for them to arrive, I'll be able to do the bisque firing.
I'm planning to venture into glazing carefully.  I'm making little clay chips to use for glaze samples.  Hopefully, I'll be able to avoid a disaster that way. 

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