Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In Memory of Sadie

My friend, Cindy, runs a cat shelter here in Northern California - Fat Kitty City,  Someone gave her a donation in memory of her beloved cat, Sadie, and Cindy asked me to paint a memorial stone.  I'm ashamed to say that it took me a whole lot longer to get around to it than it should have, but, finally, here she is.
I've done about half a dozen portraits of pets who have passed away and it's always a demanding, but rewarding task.  I never knew the animal, so I'm working from a single photograph, and often it's not a photo that's ideal for painting from.  And on top of that, I know how important the likeness will be to the bereaved.  Yet I'm always aware, as I paint, of how very much this creature was loved and how lucky both she and her people were.
This painting of Sadie is on a piece of slate because it will be outdoors.  After cleaning the slate, I coated it with Liquitex Clear Gesso, then painted with acrylics.  I will seal it with exterior epoxy spray.
Rest in peace, little Sadie.

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