Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And While I'm At It...

While I had the clay out, it seemed like a good opportunity to sculpt some little animals.  These two rabbits will be for the lids of pine needle baskets.  I'll sew through the holes in the bases to attach the bundles of pine needles for the inner round.

I made the one on the right first which you can tell because it's the color of the drier clay (speckled brown stoneware, by the way).  My original thought for the little rabbit laying down was that it would be the center of the base of the basket and you would see it when you took the lid off.  I may or may not use it that way.  It sort of seems a shame to hide it inside. 

So, just in case, I made two plainer pieces the same size which I can use for bases if I prefer.  They're oval slabs, the same size as the bases of these two, with relief crescent moons and stamped lettering that says "intuition, navigating change," which refers to the symbolic meaning that the Celtic tradition associates with rabbits or hares.

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