Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Epona Pendant

My Epona pendant is done!  I'm happy with everything except the color of the leather cord.  It's supposed to be pearl but it looks more gray.  This cord is braided Nappa leather which is beautifully soft and supple while being genuine leather.  Unfortunately, I can't find it in white or off-white, either of which would have been much better.  Dark Brown would also be an option, but I'm out of it and wanted to get this piece finished.

I've seen a product called Eco Leather in various Etsy shops.  It's a faux leather which, in my mind, has both good and bad points.  The bad is that it looks sooooo even that its "fauxness" may be a bit too obvious.  But I haven't seen it in person yet, so that may turn out not to be a problem.  On the plus side, I just don't like to use animal products in my artwork.  Somehow, it just doesn't feel right when I profess to be so fond of them.

I guess the thing to do is order a bit of the Eco leather and see what I think.  I've been justifying the real leather on the grounds that if I want to set higher prices on my pieces the materials should be good quality.  One the other hand, there is a selling point to anything "eco."  So stay tuned!

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