Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Never Too Many Owls

Last summer when I went to the NIADA conference, I took a wonderful workshop from Connie Smith on sculpting animal doll heads in stoneware.  For the class, she made a little set of sculpting tools for each of her students.  She made them by whittling bamboo chopsticks, and one of those tools is the most useful sculpting tool I have.  It's like a tiny pointed spoon and I use it to form eyes, among many other things - such as the "tile" roof on my fairy garden house.
On this piece I used it for the smaller feathers you see on the forehead and upper wings.  But what I really need is a variation on that tool.  Instead of pressing in on the feather tips, I need the tool to press into the "v" shaped space between the feathers.  In fact, a variety of sizes would be useful.  So I guess I'd better get out for Chinese food and bring home some chopsticks!
This is supposed to be a druid owl, complete with leafy chaplet and the celtic cross on his chest.  When I started to tackle making the celtic cross I expected it to be really difficult, but it went surprisingly smoothly.
This is no particular species of owl, but is loosely modeled on the burrowing owl which, unfortunately, I don't think is an inhabitant of traditionally celtic lands.
All the details were the most enjoyable part of this piece.  Now I'm contemplating how to glaze him.


  1. How adorable! He is one wise owl, isn't he? I found your page through amazon, because I checked out your Drawing Birds in colored pencils book from my library. Your art is truly wonderful and inspiring!

  2. Thanks Cyndi,
    Glazing him is going to be a real challenge. Should be done in a few days then I'll post the results. Thanks for checking our my drawing birds book.