Monday, May 9, 2016

Elf Owl Selfie with Asteroid

This piece is finished!  I added more stars, some shooting stars, lightened the portion to the right of the owl, and added a few "planets."  After that, I finger painted an irregular edge of turquoise iridescent paint, then a narrower band of silver over that, and, finally, the squiggles over the owl's head.

So there are two sort of interesting points. 

The first is, that with this kind of background that is built of transparent washes over collage, there is not doing any of the final detail over.  For example, if I didn't like the shooting stars or the silver squiggles - too bad!  I couldn't just paint over them and try again, because whatever I painted over with wouldn't blend into the background.

The second is that I believe my title - "Elf Owl Selfie with Asteroid" - is an integral part of the piece, but it doesn't appear anywhere. So what are the solutions to this problem?  I suppose I could write it on the front.  Or I could have incorporated it into the collage.  Or, I could just forget about it!  But without the title, the viewer really has no idea that the bronzy-green thing is as asteroid.  Maybe it doesn't matter.

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