Sunday, May 8, 2016

More work on the Elf Owl Selfie

I've done quite a bit of painting on the owl, and have also begun to add the Milky Way stars in the background.  This painting has gone quite well because the part of the surface that I'm painting it on is smooth.  Smooth, that is, with the exception of some blobs of coarse molding paste along the bottom.  The paste wouldn't have been good under the head, but here, on the mid body, it's fine to paint on but still adds a bit of texture to the owl which I think helps integrate it with the rest of the piece.

The black areas to the right of the owl are from a print that I was trying to do with a bird stamp that I made from scratchfoam.  The print didn't turn out because the white paint that I was using (over black gesso) was soft body and I really needed regular.  While I was doing the initial collagen this board, I noticed that failed print and decided to use it!

The birds to the left of the owl are from a paper napkin that I used in the collage.  This is just so much fun!

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