Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Painting the Tiger

Next I worked on the tiger.  This was pretty straight-forward, but with lots of little fur strokes.  One interesting thing is that I decided to make his eyes blue.  White tigers have blue eyes, but the regular orange colored ones have orangey - brown eyes.  I thought the blue eyes would add a nice touch of mystery.

I glued the flower drawings on the panel partway through the process of painting the background, so they had a lot of color (background color, that is) already on them when I began detailing them.  I painted them with sideloads of white and other mixes that were both lighter and darker than the background.  When I was done, I painted the gold scroll work.

Something about the flowers bothered me, though.  I put the painting next to the TV so that I could keep looking at it through the evening, hoping that I would see what the problem was.

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