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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Playing With Texture

To take a little break and a stretch, I decided to work differently than I usually do. So I began by creating a background I couldn't possibly do fine detailed work on! I gesso'd a 1/4" hardboard panel then added a mish-mash of various gels and mediums to create my painting surface. I used fiber paste, soft gel, and coarse paste. I would have used crackle medium also, but was dismayed to find my jar had dried up!

The next step was to draw the crow with pencil. I liked it at that stage, but needed to proceed! So I added some opaque acylic all over the background - a neutral gray, blue gray, gray green, and raw Sienna. But I quickly used baby wipes to both push the paint into the texture but also wipe much of it from the surface.

Then I turned to the crow, adding more pencil work first. Then I coated her with Anthraquinone blue. Of course it would turn out quite uneven, given the surface. But that was OK - it had to be! Then I added several washes of black over the blue.

It seemed pretty dull, so I added washes of transparent color over parts of the background - Phthalo Green, Sap Green, Quinacridone Magenta, and Manganese Blue.

Finally, I picked up my micron pen and added some lines over the crow and bunched of squigglies around her and around the edge of the moon. Well, actually, that wasn't quite the last step. I got out my acrylic paint pens and made some dots - black at the end of some squiggles, and turquoise and pink randomly.

I think this would make a nice card.