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Sunday, January 13, 2019

On to Owls

Continuing working in my sketchbook, I turned to drawing owls, specifically, the Little Owl, or Athene Noctura.  Little Owl is a species of owl that lives in Europe and north Africa.  "Athena" is a Little Owl character in the book I'm writing and illustrating, "Milkweed Manor."  If you'd like to follow my progress, in researching and writing as well as illustrating, I invite you to follow my FaceBook page, Milkweed Manor.

The markings on the owls make them more difficult to draw than the rat. 

In my book, Athena appears as both a juvenile and an adult, so I'll have to draw her with juvenile markings that clearly progress to her adult markings.  It's these kinds of considerations that occur to me as I go.  I'm really glad I have this sketchbook going because without it I think it would be extremely difficult, and maybe impossible, to draw convincing and consistent illustrations of these characters.  I'd like to connect with other writer/illustrators.

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