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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Repurposing a Fairy Garden House

Last week I was cleaning our some dead annuals from the garden when one of the fairy gardens caught my eye. I made this house last spring. I had the urge to make a fairy house but wanted to stay focused on my Milkweed Manor book. So, I made this little house in the image of one of the places in the book - The Inn at Ivy Knoll (simplified quite a bit, though!).

The Inn seemed so sad amongst the dying annuals, and it occurred to me that it might be nice in the house as a Christmas scene and, later, just a winter scene. So I brought it in, cleaned it up a bit, and set it on the kitchen island as I pondered what to do with it.

As I always say, "when in doubt, shop on Etsy!" And that's where I found this teeny Christmas wreath and the little fir trees. That was a good start.

Then a Wayfair purchase arriveda small tabletop lighted artificial tree. It was the perfect size to hover over the Inn. And I really liked the shape of this tree.

I had some white fleece and used it under the scene to simulate snow and unify the scene.

About a month ago I made this stoneware bear. He was just hanging out on the kitchen counter when I noticed he was the perfect size for this scene. And, you know, the addition of a bear always improves anything! So her he is lurking by the Inn's front door.

I had a small string of mini led lights and strung them around one of the small fir trees. I wanted to put it in the window of the Inn. But the light were too cool a white, plus there were too few of them. I've ordered a string of warm white leds with more lights on the string. Once that arrives, I'm hoping it will make a nice addition in the window of the house and if it does, I'll post another photo here.

This has been a fun little project. I love fairy gardens because I can just get lost in them. The same is proving true of this little scene, and in the spring, the Inn will return the the outdoor garden.

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