Sunday, June 19, 2016

Nile Diety

A few posts ago I showed a few small stoneware sculpture pieces drying and awaiting their first firing.

Here's the crocodile, glazed and finished.  After brushing the glaze on, I set the crocodile on top of the plinth in the kiln and when it fired the two pieces fused from the glaze melting.  The two pieces of the headdress I fired separately.  The turquoise bead had a whole all the way through while the blue piece had a hole in the bottom and the crocodile had a hole in the top of his head.  After the pieces were fired, I put a short piece of toothpick into the hole on his head then threaded the turquoise and blue pieces onto the toothpick with glue to keep everything in place.  E6000 does a great job gluing glass which is essentially what the glazed surface of these pieces are.

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