Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Gray Ewe

Yesterday was our weekly art get-together and I needed a more portable project than the Burdz in Niches that I just started.  So I scrounged around and found a lamb armature that I made some time ago but never finished - perfect!  It should take me between 2 and 3 hours to complete it and it's portable.

It was very relaxing poke-poke-poking the wool fibers onto the armature until this sweet creature finally emerged!  I added a collar made from embroidery thread in pretty shades of pink and peach with two tassels and a rusted bell.  "Laura" feels so special!

As I've done needle felting over the last few years I've organized myself pretty well.  Each time I made a new animal I begin by finding a graphic of it's skeleton and from there I make a full-scale drawing of the armature for the size animal I want to create.  I save the drawing in a notebook along with reference photos and any notes I feel I will need in the future.  I can use that drawing later to re-create any of the animals I've done in the past.  But, still, they are all unique!

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