Monday, June 20, 2016

The Olive Green Challenge

Somerset Studio Magazine is having a challenge - see what you can do with Olive Green.  Well, green is my favorite color in all its glorious variety.  Olive Green is not my favorite green, but I like it well enough.  Somerset Studio is all about mixed media, so of course this will be a mixed media piece.  I hope my piece is good enough to make an appearance in the magazine!

I have decided to portray Olivia the frog.  I'm going to use a square format with a circle in the middle, so I begin with collage and painting in the center of the square.  The dragonflies and the squiggle at 7 o'clock are elements that I painted on deli paper and then used in the collage. 

I love the pale phthalo green in the lower part but, unfortunately, I think it's going to be covered by the frog;  I should have outlined it in place before I began painting.  That way I could have planned my color placement better.

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