Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Finished Tiger

The tiger painting is now finished.  The final step was making the frame.  To do it, I cut a piece of 1/4" hardboard that was one inch all around larger than the tiger's board.

I used the metal embossing technique I learned in Michael DeMeng's class in April in Santa Rosa.  The border is piece from five separate pieces of metal since I didn't have a metal sheet large enough for the entire frame.  It was a tedious process.  I began on the curve and cut as large a piece as I could from my 9" x 12" metal sheets.  The pieces needed to cover the one inch border plus enough to wrap around the edge and secure on the back plus about 1/2" to sit under the tiger panel.

One I cut the first piece, I decided on my border design and embossed the metal.  I then glued the metal in place and cut the next piece.  Working in that sequence, I continued until the entire edge was covered.

I then needed to do the patina.  When I embossed, I worked so that the painted side of the metal would be the finished side, but some of the paint rubbed off as I worked.  So I sprayed the painted metal with workable fixatif so that the metallic paint would stick.  I painted the Six Seconds bronze metal paint over the embossing and let it dry.  I then applied the second coat and sprayed the patine on while the paint was still wet.

I let the frame piece dry over night then glued the tiger panel in place to finish the piece.

Actually, there is one step left which is to cut a piece of something (not such what - maybe mat board - to cover the back and the raw edges of the metal.

My embossing could have been better - I had some problems following the curve with the rolling texture tool - but overall I'm very happy with this piece!

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