Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Olive Green Challenge, part 2

I've added the corrugated cardboard frame.  To do it, I cut four corner pieces and glued them down with Liquitex Matt Gel Medium.  I weighted it with books for good contact and let it set overnight.

The next morning, I peeled away the top layer of cardboard, revealing the corrugation underneath.  I waited until the glue dried so that the back wouldn't lift as I pulled the top layer away.  It seemed that there was a bit of dampness in the cardboard (from the medium, I presume) that made the peeling easier.

After that, I applied a layer of gesso, then painted it green - Chrome Oxide green, to be precise - and added a few darker splotches with washes of Phtalo Blue Red Shade.

I am bothered that the lightest spot of the circle will be covered with the frog, but I went into that last time - a shameful lack of planning!

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