Friday, June 24, 2016

The Olive Green Challenge, part 4

Now it's time to work on the frog.  I'm purposefully using more of an olive green than the background, and trying to pay attention to values.  Since nearly the entire painting will be green, I have to depend on value more than anything else to establish the composition and bring the focal point - the frog - forward.

After deepening the contrast in the frog and adding more detail, I was ready for the glass bead ring around the inside of the corrugated cardboard frame.  The edges of the cardboard have all the little tunnel from the corrugation, and I wanted to cover them.  In preparation, I pressed them down a bit.

The glass bead gel that I'm going to use will dry transparent, so I paint the color I want it to appear underneath where the gel will go.  I chose an iridescent turquoise acrylic by Jo Sonja, a scrumptuous color.  After it dried, I loaded a small plastic bag with the gel, cut away a small corner of the bag, and squeezed out a thick bead of jell all around the inner edge of the circle - rather like decorating a cake with icing in a decorating bag.  Now to let it dry.

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