Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Collage to Try A New Product

Although I worked pretty steadily on the thirty 6" x 6" paintings, I did occasionally take a break with something different.  In this case, I wanted to do a collage that would use Golden Crackle Paste as a base for acrylic painting.

To begin, I adhered aluminum foil over the top 2/3 of the 11" x 14" canvas, using matte gel medium.  After the medium had set for a bit, I pressed cardboard shapes onto the foil to create indentations.  (I think I could also have used stamps, which I may try another time.) They don't show a lot, but they do add another element of texture.  I covered the bottom third with the crackle paste, getting it as smooth as I could.  I gently smeared a bit of coarse molding paste in the top area.  At that point, I let it dry overnight.

Then the next day I started layering the washes for the background color.  When they were dry, I painted the trees and tree branches.

I cut the rabbit shapes out of paper and traced around them, then painted the rabbit shapes with a few coats of white gesso to give me an opaque ground for painting the rabbits.

Here's the finished painting:

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