Monday, December 12, 2016

Thirty Little Collages - Ringtail

This group of postings show the finished 6" x 6" collages and also the text that I wrote about the animal and included in the collage.

I first became aware of the ringtail "cat" at the desert museum in Tuscon.  Despite their name, they are not cats but are related to raccoons.  Because they are seldom seen it seems they are rare, but they're actually just quite nocturnal.  I;m hoping to get a motion-activated infrared camera to put out back where I feed Peter the skunk.  Perhaps I'll discover other diners as well.  Our neighbor across the street has reported seen a ringtail twice in his few years here.  So perhaps even a ringtail caught on film is a possibility.  Now there's one for the bucket list!

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