Sunday, December 4, 2016

Thirty Little Collages - Marten

This group of postings show the finished 6" x 6" collages and also the text that I wrote about the animal and included in the collage.

Martens are weasels.  They're medium size, as far as weasels go.  The smallest is the Least Weasel - only 8" long.  How'd you like to have "least" as a first name?

The verb form of "weasel" entered our language back in the days lived close to nature and developed an understanding and - even if begrudged - an admiration for their animal neighbors.  They were resigned to the never-ending search for ways to secure the chicken coop against weasels wanting those oh-so-tasty eggs.  It seemed like they could weasel their way into anything!

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