Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thirty Little Collages - Mouse

This group of postings show the finished 6" x 6" collages and also the text that I wrote about the animal and included in the collage.

My friend from Sierra Wildlife Rescue gave me a little deer mouse who had been injured by the cats at her shelter.  The sweet little one had brain damage.  She held her head to one side and moved in circles.  There was no way she could safely be released, so I was happily gave her a home in a terrarium in my kitchen where she was an enchanting companion for a little over three precious years.  She seemed to especially enjoy re-engineering her surroundings, constructing new tunnels and sleeping chambers.  My favorite time was coming into the kitchen first thing in the morning and seeing her poke her little nose out of her den.  I love and miss you, Miss Mousie.

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