Sunday, December 18, 2016

Shelley's Goat Icon

I wanted to make Shelley a little piece of wall art - an icon with a goat theme.  She's been talking about a companion animal for her horse Merlin, and a goat is one possible candidate.

In the photo, I have all the various elements tentatively arranged on the backing (a piece of primed and painted wood) and then I took a photo so I could remember where they all go when I am ready to assemble it.

Most of the elements are polymer clay tiles.  I rolled sheets of polymer clay, then stamped them with a texture and coated them with mica powders.  The little bird tiles along the right edge are polymer clay that I pressed into a mold that I made from an old button.  The little lamb is from a mold made from a small figurine.  The copper-looking rounds are polymer clay from a mold made over an old metal embellishment - the copper mica powder looks so real!  Some of these elements I've had around from past projects.

The bird is a metal stamping.

The round piece at the top is polymer clay with a Swarovski ravoli in the center.  The leaves are also polymer clay - I pressed chrysanthemum leaves into the clay then peeled them off.  Chrysanthemum leaves are small and have pronounced vein structures, but you need to press them into the clay back side down because the veins are bulgier on the undersides.

The dark green tile with the writing says "volubas capram verum dei equum donebant" - "you wanted a goat but the gods gave you a horse."  Latin.

The large goat at the upper right is torn from a catalog.  The goat lower down is a painted I did on Strathmore mixed media paper with acrylic.  There is also a little resin figurine of a goat that will go on the top.  I coated the goat figurine with Ten Seconds Studio's copper emulsion then their patina.

Ready to assemble!

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