Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Christmas Card for this Year

Here's the painting I used for my Christmas card each year.  I was going through and old magazine and ran across a photo of two squirrels.  In the photo, both squirrels were on a log that was standing on end.  The squirrel on the left was on the side of the log and the squirrel on the left was on the cut end.  Their paws were in slightly different positions.

I imagined it rotated to the right to the composition you see here.  So I changed the paws so that they would work on the branches and added the mistletoe for a holiday setting.  I actually sent out two different cards from the same painting - the landscape orientation above and the portrait orientation you see below.

I began with a pencil drawing then added acrylic and finally a bit of ink.  I spattered the snow on with a toothbrush.  Since the snow has just started, it hasn't accumulated yet on the branches.

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