Sunday, December 4, 2016

Thirty Little Collages - Crow

This group of postings show the finished 6" x 6" collages and also the text that I wrote about the animal and included in the collage.

A row of black walnut trees lined the road where we used to live.  As a child I loved black walnut ice cream and black walnut cake.  But the shells are so hard to crack that the nut meats are very expensive if you can find them at all.

So it was surprising to see our pigs feasting on the fallen nuts, cracking the tough shells easily in their powerful jaws.  But what was so astonishing was how the crows managed also to enjoy them.  Holding a nut in its beak, a bird would fly to the highest branch over the road and drop it.  If the nut didn't break the first drop, the crow would repeat the process until he was successful.  Then he had to be the first back on the road to claim his prize.  Amazing.

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