Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thirty Little Collages - Burro

This group of postings show the finished 6" x 6" collages and also the text that I wrote about the animal and included in the collage.

We had a BLM burro.  Clara was born wild.  We also had her daughter, Daisy, and Daisy's son, Rodney.  As a baby Rodney's mane and tail - coarse and bristly for adults, were soft, silky curls.  Daisy and Rodney were dark brown with creamy muzzles, but Clara had that wild look.  She was dun with a light muzzle and dark mane and tail and a dark cross marking down her spine and across her shoulders.

I enjoyed standing out in the pasture with them on warm afternoons, engulfed in the gentle murmur of their deep breathing - a feeling of perfect peace.

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